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We have partnered with an expert Personal Trainer (Michael Phipps) that specializes in online personal training for men 40 plus. He also offers personal training for women so if your wife/girlfriend is interested in weight loss, toning, personalized fitness and nutrition plans, etc try an online session together.

For a limited time , he is offering a reduced rate of $65 for a session (Regular $99) to subscribers to the “No More Dad Bod” Newsletter.

Use the handy form below to book a session with Michael to get the Special Rates only through Fit Dads Over 40!

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Michael’s Bio:
Michael Phipps-ISSA certified personal trainer and nutrition coach

Michael Phipps- ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Michael has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years starting out as a hobbyist and then taking on a role as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Because of his passion for the industry Personal training was an obvious choice for Michael as he has a natural ability to motivate and get his clients to trust his methods. 

Whether you’ve hit a plateau, are looking to gain some muscle mass or are looking to loose some weight a personalized fitness and nutrition plan can help you. 

 Being a fit father of 4 young children himself, Michael focuses his passion and knowledge on helping men over 40 achieve their fitness goals. He also helps women with weight loss and toning, fitness and nutritional plans and more.

Michael works closely with his clients virtually and in person by using unique fitness schedules, to achieve desired results. 

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